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Uneven sidewalk, driveway, patio, basement, and other concrete slabs around your home are unattractive, but the issues don’t stop at the aesthetics. In fact, that’s just the beginning. Uneven concrete can start to crack over time, and as those cracks let in water, the settlement will worsen even faster. It will also lower the value of your home upon resale and detract from your overall curb appeal. Plus, uneven concrete is a trip hazard for you, your visitors, and passersby, and it will only get more dangerous as it continues to settle over the years.


a pathway damaged by growing roots

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lifting a concrete garage floor


Our Concrete Leveling Product & Process

While many companies continue to use outdated methods of concrete leveling, like mudjacking, Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions prides ourselves on keeping up with the latest tools and technology. That’s why we trust the polyjacking process for concrete leveling. It allows us to gently lift and level sinking concrete slabs without adding extra weight to the supporting soils. Plus, the process requires no mess, no concrete removal, and no damage to your yard or landscaping!

We’ll start by drilling small, dime-sized holes into the problem slabs. From there, we’ll use specialty equipment to begin injecting a high-density, commercial-grade polyurethane foam into those holes. As the foam expands, it will begin lifting sunken concrete back to its original position before hardening in place to create a permanent layer of support for your slab. Once we’re satisfied the concrete is level and even, we’ll fill the drill holes and leave your home looking gorgeous. The product is fully hardened and your concrete is ready for use in as little as 30 minutes!


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