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This is a waterproofing device that was designed to help prevent basement or crawl space flooding. It is typically installed in the lowest-lying area beneath the home where moisture would naturally build-up. There are a variety of models available on the market, and if you have one installed that is the incorrect capacity for your home’s needs, it could result in unwanted moisture intrusion beneath your home, or premature aging of the device.

Sump pumps

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Moisture from interior and exterior drains (French drains) is sent to the sump basin, once here water levels increase to a certain point. Once the level is reached, the pump pushes the water out and away from the foundation of the home to a safe distance away where it won’t easily be able to get into the soil and back into the home again.

These devices can be found in older and new homes alike, but in older homes, the exterior drainage system may be connected with the city sewer line. As time passes, this can lead to a lot of problems for the line, particularly if it clogs, or if the pipe itself disintegrates into the earth -as is common with clay-based materials.


At Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions, we can install a replacement unit that is the right size for your home. This process will include the following:

  • Removal of the existing system
  • Thorough inspection of the basin area to be sure it is the correct depth
  • Installation of the new device
  • Analysis and testing of the system to be sure it is working like it should

Additionally, we can install a battery back-up unit which will be activated in case the primary pump fails, or if the home loses electricity.

sump pump options

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