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At Kennedy and Sons, we believe in quality and craftsmanship. We can provide everything you need to maintain a dry, safe, and healthy home. One of the biggest common threats to your Huntsville home is water damage. Leaks can cause major problems inside your home, so it’s important to take precautions now before water damage causes major headaches. Here in Huntsville, the waterproofing experts at Kennedy and Sons will identify the source of your water problem and provide you with real, long-lasting solutions.

Water finding its way into your home causes a number of issues. Whether from foundation cracks, leaking mortar joints, drainage issues, leaking windows, or cove joint seepage, you could end up with costly damage to your home or business. No matter how the water gets in, things can only get worse without professional help. If water issues are ignored, eventually you could be left with even greater problems to your home’s integrity or your family’s health. Humidity and mold can cause many different health hazards. That level of damage could possibly even lead to unwanted critters and termites in your home. Protect your home and your loved ones today with help from the experienced Huntsville waterproofing and water damage repair professionals at Kennedy and Sons.

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At Kennedy and Sons, we proudly use SafeBasements™ waterproofing products to protect against all entry paths of water. Using only the best products, paired with our expert installation, ensures the best protection for your home.  SafeBasements™ products are innovative, effective, safe, and energy-efficient. With products such as SafeDrain™, SafeEdge™, and SafeTrack™, system leaks are a worry of the past. With SafeBasements™ waterproofing products, we’re able to not only keep out the moisture but direct it away from your home. With our interior waterproofing system solutions, every aspect of your Huntsville home’s construction is protected from water damage.  

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With Kennedy and Sons and SafeBasements™ products, you get over 107 years of combined experience working for you. We are the leading structural solutions company in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Whether moving, repairing, or waterproofing, structural solutions are what we are known for. Let us help protect your home and loved ones from the dangers of water damage with our waterproofing systems. Huntsville homeowners have trusted us for years with their waterproofing needs.

Our team can preserve and protect the structural integrity of your home with our leak repair services and interior waterproofing solutions. Contact Kennedy and Sons today for a free estimate!

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