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This is a “waterproofing” device that is often seen installed in older homes. However, as time went on, many more effective, and lasting systems were designed and manufactured. The thought behind this drain was that if water flooded into the basement, or if a pipe started leaking, the washer broke, etc., the moisture would be channeled out through the drain. Most of these drainage systems would go to pipes in the ground that were made of clay. As time passed, the clay would actually disintegrate into the earth, leaving behind a system that was no longer going to work if moisture infiltrated this area of the home.

safe edge basement install

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Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions can install a waterproofing device that will be much more effective at removing excessive water from underneath your home. It will be installed in the lowest-lying area of the basement, and there are several different capacities available. Our experts will be able to help you choose the perfect size for your home’s needs. Interior and exterior drainage systems from SafeBasements™ will be attached to the sump and once the water inside reaches a certain level, it will be sent out and away from the home.

We can also install a battery back-up unit which will power on whenever the main pump malfunctions, or if the home happens to lose electricity.

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