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Homes with yard drainage problems will often have issues with water seeping inside over the top of the foundation. If you have hills in your yard that slope downward to the base of your home, this is going to be a problem whenever it rains. The moisture will roll down the hill and pool up next to the exterior walls. Eventually, the pressure of the water proves to be too much, and it will start to seep inside through cracks in the masonry, through weak window seals, or over the top of the foundation wall itself. This problem can lead to serious damage, including problems for the structural integrity of your home when the moisture starts causing wooden supports and beams to rot and deteriorate.

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Warning signs of the problem include:

  • Water can be seen trickling down the walls in the home
  • Puddles of moisture collect on the floor next to the cove joint (where the wall and floor meet)
  • Stains or damage can be seen on walls and floors
  • Exterior and interior cracks form due to hydrostatic pressure in the soil from excess water
wet basement leak


To take care of the problem, the professionals here at Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions will install an exterior waterproofing membrane on the outside of your Huntsville home’s foundation wall. The membrane itself has small holes, or dimples, in it that allow water to pass through and into a drainage system. Once in the drainage system, the moisture will be channeled into a sump pump where it eventually will be pushed far and away to a safe distance from the home.

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