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If the foundation of your home was built with stone, blocks, bricks, you may experience problems with leaking mortar. While these materials may be incredibly strong at first, they will begin to experience problems with wear and tear over time – especially in the areas between aggregates that are filled with mortar. This material can weaken due to weathering, and when it does, moisture will easily be able to get inside and cause problems. When this happens, you may also notice that you have leaning or bowing basement walls of your Huntsville home. This is due to the build-up of hydrostatic pressure on your walls from the outside of the home. This is caused from excessive pressure in the soil surrounding your home. The problem can be taken care of with the installation of wall anchors. If you are experiencing bowing basement walls contact your local professionals at Kennedy and Sons as soon as possible. We also offer exterior waterproofing services for homeowners in Huntsville that are experiencing bowing walls.

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Warning signs of a problem include:

  • Seepage can be seen leaking down the basement walls
  • Stains or damage appear on walls
  • Puddles of water can be seen collecting on the floor beneath windows or interior cracks
  • Home smells musty (an indication of mold growth)
  • Damage can be noticed on boxes or other things stored here
Leaking Mortar Joints


To take care of the problem, our Hunstville exterior waterproofing team here at Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions will be able to install a membrane over the exterior walls of your foundation. The membrane material has small holes in it which allow moisture to pass through and into a drainage system. This water will eventually be channeled into a sump pump where it will be directed to a safe distance away from the home.

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