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This is the area in the basement where the wall and floor meet. A seal is applied to the joint whenever the home is being built. However, as time goes on, the seal can become very weak and brittle. This is often the case if there is a constant rising and falling water table around the foundation of the home. The moisture in the earth can put a lot of pressure on this area, known as hydrostatic pressure, and it may eventually prove to be too much for the seal to handle, and it breaks. When this happens, excessive moisture will be able to pass through and into the basement environment where it can cause a lot of damage.

There are some waterproofing companies who believe the best solution to this problem is to re-seal the area. However, at Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions, we feel that this is not an effective or lasting solution. Eventually, the same problem is going to keep happening again and again. Also, sealing this area off can cause pressure to build-up elsewhere around the foundation, and this could ultimately lead to the development of bowing walls – a structural problem that can be fixed using wall anchors.

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safe drain for cove seepage


To properly fix the problem, we make use of a SafeBasements™ waterproofing product which will be able to direct moisture from this area around the perimeter of the basement and direct it into a sump pump system. Once here, water inside of the pump basin will reach a certain level where it will be pushed out and away from the home.

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