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basement waterproofing symptoms

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Basement waterproofing infographic

Leaky basement window wells

When the window well drain is clogged, water will push up against the basement windows until it breaks through the frame’s seal.

Top foundation

Water seeping in over the foundation will often leave a trail of water stains down the foundation wall

Grading problems

Poor yard grading and drainage can cause water to pool up next to your foundation walls.

Pike penetration

The area where the pipe leaves the home through the wall could have a weak seal that lets water seep inside.

Foundation wall cracks

Wall cracks could be an indication of an underlying structural problem. They must be filled and sealed before water starts to seep through them.

Leaky mortar joint

Mortar joints become weak over time and start to let water drip into the home and down the walls to the floor.

Sump pump

A sump pump can be used to control basement leaks and flooding. It pushes water out and away from the home.

Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew grow whenever moisture, excessive humidity, and organic materials are present inside of the basement environment.

Wet floor crack

Floor cracks will eventually let water seep into the home when the water table outside the foundation rises or falls.

Floor drain

A floor drain often becomes clogged with dirt and debris, and it is also not uncommon for tree roots to grow into them and obstruct the flow of water.

Cove seepage

A rising and falling water table outside of the home can cause water to be pushed through the cove joint (where the wall meets the floor).

Pervous Concrete

Concrete can become brittle and weak over time if it wasn’t poured correctly, and this can make it very easy for water to get inside.


This is typically a white, flaky, and chalky substance that can be seen on basement walls or floors. It is a sign that moisture is present.

It doesn’t matter what your family uses this space below the home for, but it is important that you keep it dry, safe, and healthy. Moisture is able to get into this space in a variety of ways, including over the top of the foundation, through wall or floor cracks, in by way of the cove joint, up through a clogged floor drain, through a weak seal in a basement window, or it could be a result of a plumbing problem from within the home. Regardless of why there is seepage, it is a problem that must be taken care of sooner rather than later before even more damage is done to your home. Let Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions take care of this problem for you with our Huntsville basement waterproofing and leak repair.

Reports have shown that Decatur, Morgan, Athens, and Limestone County have a very high water table, and this can contribute to problems with moisture beneath the home, along with issues with foundations.

At Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions, we make use of SafeBasements™ waterproofing products, so you can rest assured knowing that you are getting quality, well-engineered systems being put in place with our Huntsville basement waterproofing. They will be effective at making sure that no moisture is able to get into this area. Additionally, we can install humidity control systems that will help to make your home feel much more comfortable, and they help to prevent the growth of dangerous mold and bacteria.


When your home was being built, there was a large hole dug in the ground for the foundation to be built. The hole was dug a little wider and deeper than it needed to be to make space for workers to come and go from the job site. Once the foundation was in place, loose backfill soil was placed around your home. The earth surrounding the backfill has already been settling for many years. The loose soil around the home creates an artificial water table which rises and falls every time it rains. This is known as the “clay bowl” effect. This is one of the main reasons why seepage is so easily able to get inside and cause problems. Get ahead of these problems and call us to take care of your Huntsville leak repair.

Additionally, hydrostatic pressure from wet soils can put a lot of force on your foundation. Eventually, it will be able to push itself inside through any crack or crevice. This includes areas with pipe penetration into the walls, the cove joint, and so on.

Let us help you to preserve and protect the structural integrity of your home with our Huntsville basement waterproofing and leak repair.

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