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Kennedy Cares Service Plans

Take the worry out of remembering to schedule and document your maintenance and inspections with a Kennedy Cares Service Plan. Your home is important to us, so whether today or in the future, Kennedy and Sons will be there to protect the safety and integrity of your home. Learn about what our plans can offer you and your home, and let our family protect yours. Nobody cares like Kennedy cares!

After 75 years in business, we know the best time to fix a problem was yesterday. Let us get ahead of your yesterdays with one of our Kennedy and Sons Service Plans. We take care of things today, so they don’t cause you headaches down the road. Knowledge and proper maintenance is the key to making your home last a lifetime. We have many different home maintenance plans available here in Huntsville.

Jeff and Don Kennedy

Choose from our Sump Pump Bi-Annual, Dehumidifier Bi-Annual, or our Piering Annual Service Plan. Our plans include services such as dehumidifier filter changes, humidity measurements, sump pump cleanout and inspection, floor support adjustments, and a visual inspection of your home’s foundation and project integrity. Let our team of experienced and highly skilled experts customize a plan for your home today!

The people of Huntsville know that with a home maintenance plan from Kennedy and Sons, you can put worries behind you and have the peace of mind in knowing your home will be protected now and into the future. Our knowledgeable and friendly experts know how to maintain your foundation, floor supports, sump pump, dehumidifier, and much more! These systems can give you big problems if not properly maintained and serviced.  For a service plan or inspection of your Huntsville home, please call and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Trust your home with the best structural company in the state—we’ve been around for the past 75 years, so you can trust our Kennedy Cares Service Plans to protect your most valuable investment. Call today to learn more about our home maintenance plans for the Huntsville area or to get a free estimate today!

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